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I am really bothered by the fact that basically the only reason why gay marriage is illegal is because some people think it’s disgusting. You know, I think peas are disgusting but we’re not MAKING THAT ILLEGAL ARE WE 

what’s wrong with you peas are delicious

gay people are delicious too

no dessert for you until you eat all your gays 

what the fuck just happened here

be quiet and eat your gays

been a while, everyone! I know I’ve been inactive, sorry! But I usually spend my time on this blog

(the anonymous façade is wavering gasp)

but yeap, thanks for following this one, but i might be on/off on this blog. Although, if you are a fan of anime/manga/japanese/kpop/korean stuff feel free to follow the blog linked above~ (and also if you need any advice, because I used to post advice on this blog, too! please don’t hesitate to ask <3)

thanks, and sorry again~~~~~